Putting the Pieces Together

Engagements are led by CauseWired’s senior consultants with decades of combined experience working with leaders in the nonprofit sector. They can help you to navigate the complexities of messaging, cultivation and stewardship – and build relationships to achieve your organization’s goals.

With vast experience helping nonprofit leaders succeed, our team understands that even the most successful nonprofit executives can benefit from a fresh perspective, and from collaboration with trusted, skilled and knowledgeable advisors.

Let’s talk about:

  • Creating a new and powerful case for support
  • Board development and increased engagement
  • Creating a winning annual campaign
  • Staff assessment and professional development
  • Actionable intelligence and research
  • Diversifying your philanthropic base of support
  • Planning for a major capital campaign
  • Building a stronger internal culture of philanthropy
  • Strengthening the link between communications and fundraising

Civil society, the social sector, and philanthropy are changing. We face massive challenges as organizations and institutions. And networks really matter. So does listening and collaboration. We can be your trusted partner for growth and impact. We’re used to working on unique and challenging projects. We’re not the cookie-cutter solution, we’re the problem solvers.