CauseWired is a consulting firm that helps organizations inspire people to support causes that change the world. We work with nonprofits, advocates, and other social sector organizations to create resources, strategy, and message.

About Us

In response to the vast challenges of our time and the opportunity to empower major change, CauseWired centers our work around social justice – and our team of diverse and knowledgeable associates leverages decades of experience to assist social justice organizations in fundraising, communications and strategic planning.

Led by experienced professionals with unique and unmatched knowledge of how to fund major humanitarian and social justice causes, the CauseWired partnership provides senior guidance and major planning initiatives in the arenas of fundraising, development, communications and campaigns. We are not traditional fundraising counsel, but we specialize is strategic efforts, planning, writing and research.

Together, we have organized and advised efforts that have raised hundreds of millions of dollars for vital social justice causes and strengthened the network of funders – individuals, foundations and companies – that work toward a fairer and more just society.

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Putting the Pieces Together

Civil society, the social sector, activism and philanthropy are changing. The world is smaller. We face massive challenges as organizations and institutions. And networks really matter. So does listening and collaboration. We can be your trusted partner for growth and impact.

  • Strategic, development, and communications planning
  • Actionable intelligence and research
  • Case and story development
  • Donor communications
  • Leadership development and coaching
  • Trends and data analysis

We’re used to working on unique and challenging projects. We’re not the cookie-cutter solution, we’re the problem solvers. 


The CauseWired team has been honored to work with dozens of direct service and social justice organizations, including these.

News & Updates

Matching Gift Campaigns: Gimmick or Brilliant Strategy?

By Audrey Levitin  We are all familiar with the urgent need for funds that simply require just one more $25 contribution to save the country. These appeals are ignored or tolerated, and leave me wondering, “does this actually work with anyone?” Digital fundraising has emerged as an essential funding stream that leaves people with many …

Corporate Philanthropy and Social Justice: An Unexpected Partnership

By Audrey Levitin  If you work for any kind of a social justice organization, now is the time to consider expanding your outreach strategy. The corporate philanthropic sector has changed, and employees have more influence than ever before.  Frankly, this is new. Before the summer protests of 2020 the corporate sector mostly kept social justice …