We are not traditional fundraising consultants. And we’re a good deal less expensive. Our work centers around the case, the strategy, the research and your goals. Whether that’s advocacy, donor relations, a major campaign, or a strategic planning effort. Our work fits you – not the other way around.

CauseWired strengthens the efforts of our clients and their causes by creating an emotional connection with target audiences, online and off. In every assignment, we’re working toward sustainability long after our team leaves. Every campaign should increase capacity. Every communications effort should improve in-house skills and understanding. Every strategic plan should include realistic goals for programs and revenue. Every corporate assignment must address real-life business goals.

Working with nonprofit organizations, foundations, individuals, companies and advocacy groups, we connect a community of voices for change. Our services include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Development Planning
  • Campaign Strategy and Communications
  • Case Development and Research
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Executive and Board Coaching

There is no master template for CauseWired services. Every assignment is unique because every client faces unique challenges and opportunities. You don’t want cookie-cutter “solutions” and we run a small firm because we don’t like delivering them.

Let’s talk.

We’re always interested to hear about a potential assignment, to discuss a challenge, to talk about an opportunity, or simply to ask a question. Drop us a line by email to tom <at> or call 914.295.0006 today.