Why Philanthropy Matters: ‘The Love That Understands’

Note: Recently, I spent National Philanthropy Day with the Mid-Hudson Valley Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, and served as the luncheon keynote speaker. This post on the challenges of philanthropy is adapted from that speech.  Americans are asked to give – and in fact, do give – more to organized charity than the citizens of any other […]

Millennials, Networks, Philanthropy – #GivingUndertheInfluence

Great panel at the Washington Post yesterday, as America’s Charities convened its #GivingUndertheInfluence symposium to discuss trends in workplace giving and growing roles of millennials and digital networks. I was honored to join Marc Johnson, vice president of digital strategy in the Studio/Online division of APCO Worldwide; Heather Lofkin Wright, national director of community service […]

The Original Crowdsourcer – Why It Matters for Philanthropy

In 1731, a 25-year-old Philadelphia printer set out to solve a problem – one that affected the future of his industry and the social good. Despite innovations in technology, popular books still cost too much for the average citizen. Yet getting more books into circulation would clearly increase interest in his own craft, and lead […]

The Four Essentials for Effective Fundraising

Here’s a new video for you on the four essentials of effective campaign fundraising – comments welcome, of course:

CauseWired Alaskans Pick, Click and Give to Charity

Socially-conscious social media is working up north: Alaskans have taken to the Pick. Click. Give. campaign, which is leveraging platforms from Facebook and Twitter to YouTube and Causecast to draw attention to and explain the Permanent Fund Charitable Contributions Program. The program began officially in 2009 to allow Alaskans to donate a portion of their […]

A Rooting Interest in the Charity Smackdown

Our friend Howard Greenstein is leading the cheerleading for one of the teams in the Social Media Smackdown for Charity – a charity fundraiser sponsored by PayPal that’s unfolding last week and this on Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks. The tagline says it all: “Celebrities Compete, Charities Win.” It’s another in the growing […]

GiveForward: New Social Giving Tool

“GiveForward is a tool that helps individuals and organizations raise and donate money quickly and easily online through a platform similar to a social networking site,” says the start-up’s founder Desiree Vargas in an interview with Beth Kanter [h/t Peter Deitz]. We’re keeping track of online social activism platforms as part of the CauseWired project, […]

Strong Relationships via Social Media?

The “PR Guy” has an excellent white paper up about how art museums can use social networks to build stronger relationships with donors and members. Here’s a piece: I don’t know of a single museum director who doesn’t want to stay in touch with donors and patrons. In the past, marketing and communication departments have […]