Mario Morino’s Leap of Reason – Challenge and Reward

I’m a story teller by nature and by vocation, so I shivered a little bit when I read this sentence in Mario Morino’s excellent Leap of Reason: Managing to Outcomes in an Era of Scarcity, released earlier this year by his Venture Philanthropy Partners: Public funders—and eventually private funders as well—will migrate away from organizations […]

Change and Bill Clinton: CGI Shifts to Tackle Economic Challenge

In its early years, the Clinton Global Initiative often seemed to present a kind of Democratic administration in exile – a gentle yet important correction to the Bush White House. The former President acted as a dealmaker supreme, bringing together big corporate interests, major philanthropists, heads of state and their governments, and global nonprofits in […]

Philanthropy and Government

The video for a panel I moderated in April at NYU’s Heyman Center is up, and I thought I’d share it here. It was quite an interesting discussion. Here’s the description: Social media and the resulting mass philanthropy movement are bringing rapid and often destabilizing change to the nonprofit world. This panel discussed how some […]

Nonprofits Face the Real ‘Satan Sandwich’ – Slow Motion Hardship

While the much-criticized “deal” to forestall the United States’ defaulting on its bonded debt obligations did avoid a take-down of the charitable deduction in the tax code, nonprofits and those who support them can hardly take comfort from the Tea Party’s grand bluff of the President and his Democratic allies in Washington. That’s because after […]

Wired Workers, Social Media and CSR – Are We At A Tipping Point?

What has the advent of social media – indeed, the networked worker – meant for corporate social responsibility programs and employee activism? That’s the topic of a new white paper I’ve co-authored with my friend and longtime collaborator Howard Greenstein. Sponsored by the JK Group and released under the auspices of New York University’s Heyman […]

‘There Is a Moral Case for Women’s Human Rights’ – the La Pietra Coalition Sharpens Its Focus

The La Pietra Coalition first gathered two years ago in a Renaissance villa outside Florence with a goal of putting the drive for women’s rights and economic growth front and center on the global leadership front. The Coalition’s platform, which I’ve been privileged to work on since that first meeting, advocates investing in women’s economic […]

International Women’s Day: Listening to Mu Sochoa

Today marks the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, a celebration of the economic, political and social achievements of women around the world. I was reading some of the coverage in anticipation of attending the second annual Women in the World summit later this week in Manhattan, when I came across this quote in Gayle […]

Why Muhammad Yunus Still Scares the Old Guard

Four years ago, when I met Muhammad Yunus for the first time, he was still on the big media tour stemming from his 2006 Nobel Prize for the pioneering work of creating the Grameen microfinance organization.  “I don’t think poverty has any place to hide any longer,” he told a group of New Yorkers that […]

The Four Essentials for Effective Fundraising

Here’s a new video for you on the four essentials of effective campaign fundraising – comments welcome, of course:

Learning to Lead: Facebook, Egypt and The Social Network

On Sunday night, Aaron Sorkin’s The Social Network will be one of the two or three betting favorites for the year’s best picture at the annual Academy Awards extravaganza in Hollywood. The film tells the (largely fictionalized) early story of Facebook, wrapped in the coming-of-age tale of founder Mark Zuckerberg and the compromises he chose […]

‘If you want to liberate a government, give them the Internet’

I’ve had a few notes from friends over the last two weeks that all ran along the lines of “this is CauseWired coming to life!” meaning Egypt and seemingly-spontaneous January 25th uprising, which deposed strongman Hosni Mubarak today. Yet I hesitated at accepting congratulations for the foresight of my 2008 book on the rise of […]

Groupon’s Flop: When Cause Marketing Goes Horribly Wrong

Did you happen to catch the Groupon ads during the Super Bowl? In one of the most wrong-headed displays of cause marketing ever to find a national advertising stage, the Groupon spots managed to offend human rights supports of Tibetan freedom and environmentalists trying to save the Brazilian rain forest and diminishing whale populations. I’m […]

The Revolution Will Be Televised

You won’t find it on Time Warner or FIOS or Cablevision, but Al Jazeera’s English language television service is laying claim to the viewing loyalty of vast numbers of news-hungry, media-obsessed westerners following the incredible story of courage and revolution in Egypt. More than any of the social media platforms we’ve come to worship with […]

What’s Old, What’s New

This is the tail end of the busy season for experienced prognosticators, and few in the social sector are as voluble (or respected) as Lucy Bernholz, who blogs at Philanthropy2173 and runs Blueprint Research & Design – while serving up a heaping helping of buzzwords and informed crystal ball reading, especially as the year turns. […]

CauseWired Book of the Year: You Are Not A Gadget

“Think For Yourself” would have been an apt subtitle for Jaron Lanier’s You Are Not A Gadget, my pick for non-fiction book of the year and the most important piece of writing on technology and communications to be published in 2010. Instead, Lanier and his publishers went with “A Manifesto” and it certainly is all […]