Toward Social Justice

Dear Friends,

The election is over. President Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris have defeated the forces of American fascism, and preserved a democratic republic for at least four more years. Make no mistake: those were the stakes. Our descent into xenophobic authoritarian government was no chimera; it was all too real and drifting into the offing. We have avoided the worst fate, thanks to millions of organizers around this country who refused to accept the end of a pluralistic, democratic America.

But there is so much more work to do. While our nerves are a little calmer, let’s make certain that our resolve remains steady. For those of us who work in the social sector, the mandate is clear: we can never forget that we almost lost American civil society – and that it remains weakened, torn and frayed. Trump is defeated and will eventually leave, disgraced and synonymous with the debasement of our values. We remain. So do those who either agreed with his vile hatred and anti-democratic demagoguery, or who were somehow misled by false promises of better days. The dead speak of his pathetic, immoral failure.

We must do more. I intend to. It is impossible not to. For these last dozen years, CauseWired has been an independent consulting firm working with a wide variety of nonprofit causes. Yet as the years have gone on, and I’ve reached what can charitably be called “veteran” status as a consultant, I’ve been drawn more often to work with organizations and people who toil for social justice in this country. From direct service to the poor to justice reform to racial and gender equity to standing with immigrants and those marginalized by hate movements to fair economic development, these are the causes that animate my fingers across this keyboard, and my feet across the cold floor of the winter’s morning.

So I’ve decided to formally recenter CauseWired’s consulting work around social justice. That’s what I want to do. That’s where we need to go. Let’s go together. There’s so much work to be done.

There will be more announcements here in the coming weeks, so watch your email. New partnerships. New practice areas. New commitments.

Thank you for your support, for your recommendations, for your ideas. We stood at the precipice, and we pulled back. Now we need to rebuild society, make it fairer, help those who need it.

Thanks for listening!

– TW