Social Ventures

Zazengo and the Social Resume

Last month around the inauguration of President Obama – and the day of the service centered on the celebration of Dr. King’s life  –  there was a ton of focus on creating a lasting online movement for citizen-powered change. As the economic crisis deepens and the new Administration deals with that challenge on a day-to-day […]

Telling the Story with Short-Form Video

[youtube=] I’m incredibly impressed by this accessible video produced by Lend4Health, a new peer-to-peer microlending startup aimed at helping struggling families provide live-changing treatment for children with autism. Why? Flat out: it tells a story. I’m a total sucker for effective case-making for causes – it’s what I work on professionally, and I really care […]

That Start-Up Vision Thing

I found a remarkably honest post from the founder of The Point, Andrew Mason, over at GigaOm. The Point helps people start and run campaigns and is one of many growing platforms in the busy online social activism sector. Andrew’s post is a great one for any social entrepreneur to key in on, but I […]