Social Networks

The Long Tail of Social Networks

I’ve been quiet here for a very good reason: I’ve been writing! But I wanted to point out a recent post over at GigaOM that shows the long history of online social networks. Lots of folks believe they kind of sprung from the Internet ether sometime after the year 2000 – but in fact, what […]

Not Trying to Cause No Big Sensation…

The Pew Research Center is out this week with a new study looking at the so-called “Generation Next,” the group of young people born in the 80s and more frequently referred to as the millennials, Americans who began to come of age around the turn of the century. It’s an excellent report and I recommend […]

Caucus Quandary: Does Ron Paul's Online Brilliance Translate into Votes?

Ron Paul presents a contradiction to those who believe a totally-wired, socially-networked population will change politics and how we elect candidates. The libertarian Republican Congressman from Texas has been a true gadfly in the GOP race – contesting the legitimacy of the Iraq war while calling for the virtual end to the large Federal government […]

Generation Gap?

Beth Kanter has a brilliant post today about what she’s learned from a 20-year-old Cambodian American college student. I love Beth’s honest point of view – that Nhuong Son, who is raising money for Cambodian children via social networks and the Web may have a different view of how to recruit supporters online than a […]

Syria Bans Facebook

Want proof that social networks are effective tools for social change? Just watch the dictators in action. Facebook, the popular social site often used by political activists to organize members around global causes has been banned in Syria, reportedly over fears of Israeli “infiltration,” reports the Associated Press. Comments the Seattle PI’s Monica Guzman: The […]

Nonprofits and Social Media

Beth Kanter, one of the real experts of using social media to benefit nonprofit organizations, has a different kind of New Year’s post up – four lessons she’s learned about social networks and nonprofits. This one struck me in particular, given my personal (very rewarding) experience with newcritics: 2. Size doesn’t matter:   It isn’t how […]