Why BronxWorks Matters

Tom Watson is proud to serve as a board member of BronxWorks, the largest settlement house serving the Bronx. As a former Bronx political reporter and lifelong New Yorker, Tom believes that as the Bronx goes, so goes New York and much of the nation. Home to every immigrant group imaginable and to the challenges […]

All Hail the Twestival!

Sure, tomorrow is Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday – and there are 200 candles on Charles Darwin’s cake as well – but in the CauseWired world, there’s a bigger pin on the calendar: yes, it’s Twestival. The premise is incredibly simple: more than 175 cities around the world will be hosting Twestivals which bring together Twitter […]

Blog Action Day: Focus on Poverty

Today is the appropriately-named Blog Action Day, an effort to unite thousands of bloggers behind a single issue and create some momentum for policy change and citizen involvement. With partners like Kiva and Change.org the effort is decidedly CauseWired; this year’s focus is on poverty and the idea is to create a vast conversation with […]