Why BronxWorks Matters

Tom Watson is proud to serve as a board member of BronxWorks, the largest settlement house serving the Bronx. As a former Bronx political reporter and lifelong New Yorker, Tom believes that as the Bronx goes, so goes New York and much of the nation. Home to every immigrant group imaginable and to the challenges […]

Building Resilience in the Trump Era

Tom Watson in the Chronicle of Philanthropy: “In boardrooms and nonprofit offices around the country, leaders have worried long and hard about the results of the 2016 election and what a Trump administration will mean to their organizations and our society. I’ve been in some of those meetings as both a consultant and a board […]

Why Black Lives Matter: Passionate Support for Justice

Good news here at CauseWired! Founder and firm president Tom Watson has launched a regular column at the highly-respected Chronicle of Philanthropy. His essays focus on philanthropy, trends in nonprofit management, new models for giving and social change, and citizens movements. The first two columns are live online and cover two important trends in philanthropy: the […]

Why Philanthropy Matters: ‘The Love That Understands’

Note: Recently, I spent National Philanthropy Day with the Mid-Hudson Valley Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, and served as the luncheon keynote speaker. This post on the challenges of philanthropy is adapted from that speech.  Americans are asked to give – and in fact, do give – more to organized charity than the citizens of any other […]

Millennials, Networks, Philanthropy – #GivingUndertheInfluence

Great panel at the Washington Post yesterday, as America’s Charities convened its #GivingUndertheInfluence symposium to discuss trends in workplace giving and growing roles of millennials and digital networks. I was honored to join Marc Johnson, vice president of digital strategy in the Studio/Online division of APCO Worldwide; Heather Lofkin Wright, national director of community service […]

Philanthropy and Government

The video for a panel I moderated in April at NYU’s Heyman Center is up, and I thought I’d share it here. It was quite an interesting discussion. Here’s the description: Social media and the resulting mass philanthropy movement are bringing rapid and often destabilizing change to the nonprofit world. This panel discussed how some […]

What’s Old, What’s New

This is the tail end of the busy season for experienced prognosticators, and few in the social sector are as voluble (or respected) as Lucy Bernholz, who blogs at Philanthropy2173 and runs Blueprint Research & Design – while serving up a heaping helping of buzzwords and informed crystal ball reading, especially as the year turns. […]