Importance of Nonprofit Strategic Plans

CauseWired’s Tom Watson spoke at the 2014 Giving Under The Influence Symposium on April 24th at the National Press Club in Washington DC on employee engagement, corporate philanthropy and the work of the nonprofit sector. The panel was sponsored by America’s Charities, a nonprofit coalition of the U.S. charitable organizations that provides workplace charitable giving campaigns, technology and thought […]

Millennials, Networks, Philanthropy – #GivingUndertheInfluence

Great panel at the Washington Post yesterday, as America’s Charities convened its #GivingUndertheInfluence symposium to discuss trends in workplace giving and growing roles of millennials and digital networks. I was honored to join Marc Johnson, vice president of digital strategy in the Studio/Online division of APCO Worldwide; Heather Lofkin Wright, national director of community service […]

The Nonprofit’s New Year’s Resolution: Re-Examine ‘Scale’

Cross-posted from my Forbes column: Flip the calendar, start a new tax year. Double down on changing the world. That’s about the simplest New Year’s resolution for a social entrepreneur or nonprofit leader. Every January doesn’t require a new strategic plan. Sometimes you need to just keep things on track. But I’d still urge everyone […]

How to Develop Sustainable Fundraising & Employee Engagement Plans Using Social Media

Here are some excerpts from the speech I gave at the America’s Charities annual membership conference at Georgetown University in Washington DC two weeks ago:

Teaching New NYU Social Media Course #wnpNYU

This year, I’m honored to be team-teaching a new course at New York University with my friends Marcia Stepanek and Howard Greenstein. The class is “The Wired Nonprofit 2012: Social Media Strategy and Practice” and it’s a new elective in the Heyman Center for Philanthropy and Fundraising Master’s program. The overall goal is to help […]

Mario Morino’s Leap of Reason – Challenge and Reward

I’m a story teller by nature and by vocation, so I shivered a little bit when I read this sentence in Mario Morino’s excellent Leap of Reason: Managing to Outcomes in an Era of Scarcity, released earlier this year by his Venture Philanthropy Partners: Public funders—and eventually private funders as well—will migrate away from organizations […]

Nonprofits Face the Real ‘Satan Sandwich’ – Slow Motion Hardship

While the much-criticized “deal” to forestall the United States’ defaulting on its bonded debt obligations did avoid a take-down of the charitable deduction in the tax code, nonprofits and those who support them can hardly take comfort from the Tea Party’s grand bluff of the President and his Democratic allies in Washington. That’s because after […]

What’s Old, What’s New

This is the tail end of the busy season for experienced prognosticators, and few in the social sector are as voluble (or respected) as Lucy Bernholz, who blogs at Philanthropy2173 and runs Blueprint Research & Design – while serving up a heaping helping of buzzwords and informed crystal ball reading, especially as the year turns. […]

New Media, New Haven

A week from today I’ll be speaking to a group of terrific nonprofit leaders in New Haven, CT as part of a day-long program entitled Social Media & Fundraising: Leveraging the Power of New Media For Your Nonprofit. It’s part lecture, part seminar, part workshop and I’m pleased to be once again with my friends […]

Jumo Grabs the Hype, But What’s the Value?

You have to admire the ideals of Chris Hughes, the young co-founder of Facebook and one of the key strategists behind President Obama’s successful 2008 campaign online. Hughes is the founder of Jumo, a new online community that aims to connect people with causes and nonprofit organizations. “The more connected that individual is to an […]

Book Review: Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding

There are a lot of lessons in the new book Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding: Seven Principles to Power Extraordinary Results by cause marketing expert Carol Cone along with co-authors Jocelyne S. Daw, Kristian Darigan Merenda, and Anne Erhard, but one stood out for me. Simplicity powers strong brands. That lesson is implicit in the first of […]

CauseWired on Leading Podcast: How Nonprofits Can Use the Web to Create Real Causes

Corey Pudhorodsky has been producing the excellent 501c3cast, which deals with a wide range of issues in philanthropy and nonprofit management, since 2005 – and this week, I was honored to be his special guest on the 107th in this eminently NPR-worthy program. You can listen via the player below, but be sure to click […]

Nonprofits and Social Media

Beth Kanter, one of the real experts of using social media to benefit nonprofit organizations, has a different kind of New Year’s post up – four lessons she’s learned about social networks and nonprofits. This one struck me in particular, given my personal (very rewarding) experience with newcritics: 2. Size doesn’t matter:   It isn’t how […]