Millennials, Networks, Philanthropy – #GivingUndertheInfluence

Great panel at the Washington Post yesterday, as America’s Charities convened its #GivingUndertheInfluence symposium to discuss trends in workplace giving and growing roles of millennials and digital networks. I was honored to join Marc Johnson, vice president of digital strategy in the Studio/Online division of APCO Worldwide; Heather Lofkin Wright, national director of community service […]

By Millennials, For Millennials

Beth Kanter is compiling a list of 20-something bloggers writing about a sector that is supposedly dominated by 20-something bloggers. It’s one of those great posts that 1. makes you think and 2. is teeming with links that get you started on an hours-long journey through some great resources, surfing new ideas the whole way. […]

Millennials Rising: Clicks vs. Change?

While it is great to build vast lists online, real “change”—the watchword of the millennials—takes action, the breaking of the virtual barrier, and not merely clicking a few links. This is a generation predisposed to believing that action on their part will lead to real change. In their fascinating study of millennials and the changing […]

FLiPing for Philanthropy

During the research for this book, my colleagues from the Future Leaders in Philanthropy – or FLiP – community helped pull together a thoughtful and informal focus group on millennial attitudes and causes. Over the last two years, FLiP (which is part of and Changing Our World) has grown from the kernel of an […]

Leader of the Millennials? It's All How You Craft the Story

Is Barack Obama the candidate of the millennials? Well, he’s garnered the lion’s share of under-30 votes, yet he was born in 1961 – a year usually grouped with the very same Baby Boomers whose politics Obama has made a point off dismissing. Obama is a real phenomenon in CauseWired world, and I’ve written an […]

The New Activism

Last night, over at the barn, our pick-up band trotted out some old Neil Young licks and we bashed away on our guitars on some classic Boomer rock. In the midst of the audio carnage, one of the guys picked out the lead lines from Ohio, that brilliant protest song recorded by Crosby, Stills, Nash […]

Not Trying to Cause No Big Sensation…

The Pew Research Center is out this week with a new study looking at the so-called “Generation Next,” the group of young people born in the 80s and more frequently referred to as the millennials, Americans who began to come of age around the turn of the century. It’s an excellent report and I recommend […]

The Power of Young Volunteers

The Christian Science Monitor notes that “90 percent of college-bound high school seniors have done community service – partly to be attractive to colleges, but partly out of goodwill,” and goes on to take a look how that translates online. The piece focuses on the work of the Case Foundation (disclosure: my firm does work […]

Iowa Was CauseWired

Say what you will about the results, but you can’t argue the method. Last night’s Iowa caucuses were totally “CauseWired,” if you’ll pardon my attept to turn a book title into geekspeak. From the hordes of young and indepenent voters who migrated from Facebook and MySpace to actual caucus sites in Iowa for Barack Obama […]

Generation Gap?

Beth Kanter has a brilliant post today about what she’s learned from a 20-year-old Cambodian American college student. I love Beth’s honest point of view – that Nhuong Son, who is raising money for Cambodian children via social networks and the Web may have a different view of how to recruit supporters online than a […]