Human Rights

At CauseWired, We Are Open For Service

This consultancy does not discriminate. We are proud to serve people from all backgrounds and we honor those who support pluralism in American public life. We do not support discriminatory laws like the one recently signed into law in Indiana, and other states. To learn more, click here.

Third Billion Campaign: the Emerging Economic Power of Women

Last week, the La Pietra Coalition launched a major new global initiative, the Third Billion Campaign, aimed at expanding women’s employment, access to finance, markets and education. A coalition of business leaders, NGOs, former government officials, economists and commentators (I’m proud to be in their ranks) is spearheading the decade long campaign to galvanize corporations […]

‘There Is a Moral Case for Women’s Human Rights’ – the La Pietra Coalition Sharpens Its Focus

The La Pietra Coalition first gathered two years ago in a Renaissance villa outside Florence with a goal of putting the drive for women’s rights and economic growth front and center on the global leadership front. The Coalition’s platform, which I’ve been privileged to work on since that first meeting, advocates investing in women’s economic […]

International Women’s Day: Listening to Mu Sochoa

Today marks the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, a celebration of the economic, political and social achievements of women around the world. I was reading some of the coverage in anticipation of attending the second annual Women in the World summit later this week in Manhattan, when I came across this quote in Gayle […]

Learning to Lead: Facebook, Egypt and The Social Network

On Sunday night, Aaron Sorkin’s The Social Network will be one of the two or three betting favorites for the year’s best picture at the annual Academy Awards extravaganza in Hollywood. The film tells the (largely fictionalized) early story of Facebook, wrapped in the coming-of-age tale of founder Mark Zuckerberg and the compromises he chose […]

‘If you want to liberate a government, give them the Internet’

I’ve had a few notes from friends over the last two weeks that all ran along the lines of “this is CauseWired coming to life!” meaning Egypt and seemingly-spontaneous January 25th uprising, which deposed strongman Hosni Mubarak today. Yet I hesitated at accepting congratulations for the foresight of my 2008 book on the rise of […]

Guest Post: Hillary Clinton on Social Media and Causes

Okay, so it’s not formally a guest post per se – but we think this section of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s speech to gradautes of Barnard College yesterday touches as much of a ‘CauseWired’ chord as any talk by a major political figure of late: Some months ago here in New York, I had […]

Twitter for Women's Rights

How do you promote the new cause-oriented documentary A Powerful Noise, raise money for CARE, and mark International Women’s Day – all at the same time, and with thousands of people getting plugged in? Once again, it’s Twitter time. The short-messaging mini-blogging tool is quickly emerging as a potent fundraising and attention-gathering tool for causes, […]

Following @dipnote: Hillary's CauseWired Diplomacy

She’s been uncharacteristically quiet since her confirmation as Secretary of State, but the Obama Administration’s other rock star seems poised to change all that with her first big overseas trip to Asia – with the help of a Twitter-fueled blog audience that has increased three-fold since Barack Obama’s inauguration. And while she inherits massive foreign […]

Six Decades On, Human Rights Still Matter

Today marks the 60th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights, and the bloggers at the United Nations Foundation are highlighting images relating to human rights – a term and a cause that is still evolving in our modern world. Witness is an international non-profit organization that uses video and online technologies to shine a […]