Third Billion Campaign: the Emerging Economic Power of Women

Last week, the La Pietra Coalition launched a major new global initiative, the Third Billion Campaign, aimed at expanding women’s employment, access to finance, markets and education. A coalition of business leaders, NGOs, former government officials, economists and commentators (I’m proud to be in their ranks) is spearheading the decade long campaign to galvanize corporations […]

The Four Essentials for Effective Fundraising

Here’s a new video for you on the four essentials of effective campaign fundraising – comments welcome, of course:

Why Idealist Matters (And How You Can Help)

We all know about “too big to fail” and its repercussions for the economy. But what about “too important to fade away?” To me, that’s the story of Idealist, the pioneering online community for the social sector- and its current fight to survive. A week ago, Idealist founder Ami Dar sent a warning note to […]

CauseWired Alaskans Pick, Click and Give to Charity

Socially-conscious social media is working up north: Alaskans have taken to the Pick. Click. Give. campaign, which is leveraging platforms from Facebook and Twitter to YouTube and Causecast to draw attention to and explain the Permanent Fund Charitable Contributions Program. The program began officially in 2009 to allow Alaskans to donate a portion of their […]

Tweetsgiving Gratitude

[youtube=] Last year, we loved the work of the folks who put together the first Tweetsgiving – an online fundraising and advocacy campaign for the children of Tanzania, through the work of the excellent This year, they’re back again with ambitious plans to raise more money, engage more supporters, and bring people together in […]

How Can You 'Change the Web?'

Got an idea for how to use a massive database of opportunities to help make the world a better place – a widget, a feed, an application, a new website? Then it’s time to plug into Social Actions’ just-launched Change the Web Challenge for a chance to win part of a $10,000 prize – and […]

Not So Fast! Election Day Monitoring Goes Mobile

Just three weeks ago, social networking gurus Nancy Scola and Allison Fine of techPresident and the Personal Democracy Forum tossed out a big idea: why not use mobile technology and the kind of short-messaging techniques capturing hearts and minds among the digerati to help keep track of irregularities on Election Day. Here’s how they put […]

A Heartland Political Campaign

So much of the focus this political season is on the horse-race – endless analysis of the daily trackers, swing state polls, trends, and demographic groups. In terms of issues, the economy and American security tend to drown out specific concerns in the national din of election coverage. But there are signs out there that […]

The Reblog Button

Fred’s post on reblogging – and me testing this out. clipped from Newcritics is a year old this week and Tom asked us all to do an anniversary post about the one media moment that moved us the most. When I think back over the past twelve months, the first year of newcritics, I […]

A Personal Facebook Cause

Ben Casnocha, the author of My Start-Up Life: What a (Very) Young CEO Learned on His Journey Through Silicon Valley has interesting post on his blog about a young Duke University student with a rare disease who has – in part -used Facebook Causes in his battle to fund life-saving research. Ben writes about Josh […]

Wanted: Wired Political Organizers

The CauseWired resume is a good one to have these days: the New Organizing Institute, formed to train online organizers to work on campaigns, reports a huge supply-demand imbalance in the market for people who know how to use online tools to help candidates and causes: We are seeking to fill an urgent need among […]