CauseWired is a consulting firm that helps organizations inspire people to support causes that change the world.

CauseWired strengthens the efforts of our clients and their causes by creating an emotional connection with target audiences, online and off. In every assignment, we’re working toward sustainability long after our consultants leave. Every campaign should increase capacity. Every communications effort should improve in-house skills and understanding. Every strategic plan should include realistic goals for programs and revenue.

Working with nonprofit organizations, foundations, individuals, companies and advocacy groups, CauseWired connects a community of voices for change.

CauseWired is named for Tom Watson’s book – CauseWired: Plugging In, Getting Involved, Changing the World (John Wiley & Sons), which explores the rise of online social activism and wired causes. The ideas and principles presented in the book work online and offline, and they help readers navigate fast-changing world of philanthropy and the social commons. That is what CauseWired brings to the table as consultants to nonprofits, foundations, and companies – a combination of deep experience and an insight into the changing landscape.