Importance of Nonprofit Strategic Plans

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CauseWired’s Tom Watson spoke at the 2014 Giving Under The Influence Symposium on April 24th at the National Press Club in Washington DC on employee engagement, corporate philanthropy and the work of the nonprofit sector. The panel was sponsored by America’s Charities, a nonprofit coalition of the U.S. charitable organizations that provides workplace charitable giving campaigns, technology and thought leadership in the sector. This year, America’s Charities did something incredibly smart in conceiving the annual Snapshot report on employee engagement and corporate giving: they surveyed the nonprofits themselves, and focused on those organizational needs.

In this video clip, Tom and Emily Simone, Director of Community Relations for Lockheed Martin, and Debra Snider, Vice President of Operations for GuideStar, draw from their own experiences and businesses to answer a question from the audience at America’s Charities’ April 24th Giving Under The Influence Symposium in Washington, D.C. The discussion was geared to an audience of corporate social responsibility and nonprofit leaders attending the event.

Tom’s full story for Forbes is here. Here’s the full Snapshot 2014 report.