Gates: Experts Share Top Social Media Advice for Nonprofits

Very nice for CauseWired to be included in this guide from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Written by Jennifer James, founder of Mom Bloggers for Social Good, the post focuses on key strategic imperatives for nonprofits and causes as they consider the social graph. Here is CauseWired’s contribution:

It’s very easy to jump into social media, but if you’re an organization with a track record in a certain sector – or an ambitious social enterprise – some patient listening at the beginning will pay off. Spend time getting to know the voices, the issues, people with big followings, the funders, and the competition. Make Twitter lists, join LinkedIn groups, like some key Facebook pages. Make some notes and see where the channels are. Then let your voice be heard. And this advice always applies – even organizations with big followings and social media operations shouldn’t just broadcast. They should listen, be respectful and generous, and be part of a larger conversation.

You can read the whole article here – very much worth doing.