Tweetsgiving Gratitude


Last year, we loved the work of the folks who put together the first Tweetsgiving – an online fundraising and advocacy campaign for the children of Tanzania, through the work of the excellent This year, they’re back again with ambitious plans to raise more money, engage more supporters, and bring people together in events across the country. The donor stewardship – an old school term, to be sure – was particularly cool after the Tweetsgiving campaign last November. The EpicChange team had video (like the one above) and photos ready of the classroom that the Tweetsgiving donors paid for with more than $10,000 in gifts – complete with donors’ Twitter handles hand-painted on the walls by students. That pretty much assured repeat donations, at least for this click jockey. Check out the campaign and volunteers in your city by following this link.

And watch this video:

TweetsGiving 2009 from LittlePurpleCow Productions on Vimeo.