A Happy 'TweetsGiving'

CauseWired readers know that I really like “flash causes,” quick and nearly instant efforts to organize, activate, raise money and gather attention online. So I’m really enjoying the rapid roll-out of a nifty little Thanksgiving campaign on Twitter and the web.

The folks at EpicChange.org and my friend Avi Kaplan have launched TweetsGiving, a Twitter-based effort to “demonstrate the power of the social web by raising $10,000 in 48 hours to build a classroom in Tanzania.”

The premise is simple: use Twitter to say what you’re thankful for and use the #tweetsgiving hash tag. Encourage others to do the same thing. Link as much as possible to the TweetsGiving page and get folks to give a little money via a ChipIn widget. That’s it.

I spoke to Avi about the mini-campaign two nights ago, and already it’s sweeping Twitter – and more than $3,100 has been raised. That’s very cool (to use the technical term).

So as you polish off that second piece of pumpkin pie this long holiday weekend and glance at your iPhone or laptop, hit that #tweetsgiving tag on Twitter and give a little virtual thanks.

Let me see, I’m thankful for my readers, for my publisher, for my commenters, for my reviewers….